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Detlev Poettgen


POODLE reloaded and there will be Fix for it

 12 Dezember 2014 09:26:17
Because there are some discussions in the Blog-o-Sphere about the poor SSL implementation in Domino, I would like to share the following regarding the new variation of the POODLE attack.

Details about the new POODLE variation can be found here:


Yes, I agree IBM had slept for more then ten years to keep the SSL/TLS stuff up to date, but I can only tell you:

IBM is aware of this bad situation and they are heavily working on it to get it fixed.

via Twitter:

Image:POODLE reloaded and there will be Fix for it

Just cann't say more at the moment, but just wait...


1Dragon Cotterill  12.12.2014 14:46:47  POODLE reloaded and there will be Fix for it

"just wait" - Errr. nope. There are companies out there that have to pay "fines" for being non-compliant with their connections. Thanks to the stupid way that credit card merchants have their rules, if you have a non-compliant connection your card processing fees go up. And at this time of year, this is not acceptable. Get a reverse proxy (NGINX) in place for the time being whilst IBM sit and twiddle their thumbs as usual.

2Detlev Poettgen  12.12.2014 16:54:28  POODLE reloaded and there will be Fix for it

I understand your point, but the other big ones (F5 for example) have to deliver a fix too.

I only want to send a message, that IBM is not blind about this issue.

You can use a reverse proxy like IBM Mobile Connect for sure for HTTP.

But there are all the other protocolls like IMAP, POP3, SMTP or LDAP where IBM should and will have to deliver a Fix.